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Dear Relatives and other Friends, 

Welcome to the new 'home site' (virtual as well as real) in Munich!

The parking style of these Belgian visitors on the pedestrian pavement in front of the new place is called 'M'as-tu vu' (Did you see me?) in their native country, as also mentioned on their license plate. In this particular case, the Munich police indeed did see it and politely asked them for a pecuniary contribution. However, many other 'villages' in the world are in far greater need of your generous donations. 

A more economical and environment-friendly solution for you, dear visitor, is using the excellent Munich public transport system.  The 'Mühlbaur'-entrance of the 'U-Bahn' (metro) station 'Prinzregentenplatz'  (U4, direction 'Arabella' coming from 'Hautptbahnhof') is located at merely 33 meters distance, as you can see on both pictures (right and bottom).

However, when coming from the airport, you do not need the U-Bahn but you can simply take airport train S8 (20 minutes faster  than the S1) until ''Ostbahnhof'', where you usually need to wait no more than 3 minutes for one of the very frequent busses of line 54 and line 100, which depart from there. Descend at the the third stop i.e. at 'Prinzregentenplatz' and walk the same 33 meters as mentioned above. However, if that is a bit complicated, then of course I can also easily arrange for you to be picked up from the airport.

If you live in Munich, you might prefer to come by bike. It can be safely sheltered in the ground-floor garage!

If none of the above suggestions is an option for you and you thus prefer to come in your own car, then please feel free to park on the drive-way to the garage (see the green arrow on the streetmap below). If that spot is already taken by another visitor, then you will usually be able to easily find toll-free car parking space within 77 meters. If not, then there is almost always some space in Beetzstraße at approximately 111 meters (i.e. 'at an easy-Par-3' ) walking distance.